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Trivia Crack presents an engaging quiz game that encompasses a diverse array of categories. From Sports, Entertainment, Art, to History, and beyond, the game promises a continual exploration of new topics. Within Trivia Crack, you'll encounter three distinctive game modes:

Classic Mode: Here, you'll tackle questions from various categories, each turn presenting a new and random challenge.

Challenge Mode: In this mode, you select your preferred topic and strive to answer as many consecutive questions correctly as possible, putting your knowledge to the test.

Party Mode: Gather up to 6 fellow players to engage in a battle of wits, competing to determine who among you is the sharpest.

Should you find yourself in a tight spot, fear not, for Trivia Crack offers a range of helpful options to assist you in overcoming challenging questions. Test your intelligence and knowledge in this exhilarating quiz game!

Utilize your mouse to select your chosen topic and make the correct choice!


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