Kitty Jewel Quest

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Welcome to a new Kitty Jewel Quest where you will meet cute cats. Your task is to help the cats collect jewels to build their palace. The kittens are still very small and will not be able to cope without your help. Let's help them together and have fun. Collect jewels in the form of small kittens, follow the instructions and you will succeed.

The game has a lot of levels that you need to pass in order to reach the goal. As soon as you start playing, a cat will immediately appear in front of you with a task that must be completed at the first level. Further you will see a playing field where jewels in the form of seals will be collected. Your task is to collect them three or more in a row so that they disappear and you receive bonuses in return. You should also pay attention to tasks so that you can move to the next level. Tasks will be different and with each new level, they will become more and more difficult, but it does not matter. You will have additional boosters that you can use in a difficult situation. Take your time and collect all the kittens' jewels. Good luck!

Drag your finger in the screen or use mouse button in desktop


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