Hide & Smash

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Hide and Smash is a thrilling upgrade to the classic hide and seek game. In this exciting twist, players are randomly assigned to either the blue hide team or the red smash team.

If you find yourself on the hide team, your mission is to stealthily and swiftly maneuver through the game environment. Blend in with your surroundings by mimicking ordinary objects and strive to collect all the keys before your rival smashers uncover and eliminate you.

On the other hand, if you're part of the smash team, your objective is to keenly seek out your cunningly concealed opponents, who have disguised themselves as a variety of objects. Your goal is to locate them before they can gather all the keys. This intense game is a test of both strength and strategic prowess. Are you ready to engage in the ultimate battle of Hide and Smash?

Use WASD to move and navigate your character.
Press the spacebar or shift to execute a jump.


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